Poster Presentation Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2014

Information Handbook on Insulin Pump Therapy: A Novel Presentation to Insulin Pump Information (#259)

Deb Foskett 1 , Sally McWilliam 2
  1. Insulin Pump Angels, Helensvaletown Centre, QLD, Australia
  2. Production Editing, Brisbane


 Insulin Pump Therapy ( ITP) is becoming more common place with increase awareness of consumers 1. The goal of diabetes therapy is to have blood glucose levels in a normal range without adverse advents2. This handbook was  developed by the author to provide easily understood information for people using an insulin pump to help understand their ITP.


The aim was to provide a quick reference handbook for ITP. To be used for blood glucose excursions that can arise with solutions.  There are also basic steps to check that pump settings are correct. It has been presented as a user-friendly pirate themed book. 


The book was given to established pump users, recent pump starts and health professionals from three hospitals and a private pump clinic. Health professionals were asked to evaluate each page while pump users evaluated the book as a whole. The pump users were asked to read and evaluate after 1 month of use. Leichhardt scale and free text was used.


13 Health professionals including doctors and diabetes educators answered the survey. The responses were overwhelmingly positive with over 90% rating the content, graphics and ease of use as a resource for their clients, and would recommend to other health professionals. 30 families and adults gave a response rate of 100% that they found it useful, well presented and learnt something new when evaluating.


The book was  received with a favourable evaluation either strongly agreeing or agreeing from pump users and health professionals that reinforces the usefulness of the book. 

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