Oral Presentation Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2014

Management of Diabetes in the General Care Setting Update (#33)

Giuliana Murfet 1
  1. Diabetes Centre, Tasmanian Health Organisation-North West, Burnie, TAS, Australia

The Management of Diabetes in the General Care Setting (MDGCS) is a nationally recognised training program for nurses, allied health professionals (AHPs) and other health care providers originally developed in 2001 for the NADC. The program aligning well with the NADCs aim to promulgating improved standards of diabetes care throughout Australia. In the past few years a number of national evidenced based papers have been updated and others developed to address health care delivery issues. For example, perioperative diabetes management, glucose control during hospitalisation, individualisation of HbA1c targets and others identified through the NADC benchmarking audits – ‘5 to drive’. Thus, it was timely to address a review of the program and the information it provides. In Australia health reform has translated to changes in health funding models. In turn this has alters where more of the diabetes care and self-management education takes place. With more Chronic Disease Management Medicare Item numbers, for example the GP Management Plan, the Team Care Arrangement, AHP Group Services for people with type 2 diabetes and Practice Nurse Incentive Program the majority of diabetes care is provided in the primary care setting. Hence, more so than ever before it is vital that consistent evidenced based care practices are disseminated to the broader generalist health care providers. The challenge is developing a means to increase the uptake of the nationally recognised program to support consistency in evidenced based care across Australia. In addition, to increase the capacity for reduction in preventable diabetes incidents related to the provision of ‘mixed messages’.