Poster Presentation Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2014

Are we running too high?  (The glycaemia profile of medical and surgical acute care wards in a south-west Sydney tertiary referral centre) (#347)

Nadia Manzoor 1 , Jessica Lai 1 , Hamish D Russell 1 , Carmen Wong 1 , Vincent M Wong 1 , Namson S Lau 1
  1. Liverpool Hospital, Hurstville, NSW, Australia

Hyperglycaemia in hospitalised patients is associated with adverse outcomes including poorer recovery following surgery and acute coronary syndromes and increased length of stay. However knowledge about the glycaemic profile of in-patients with DM is poor, more so for the Australian context .

We conducted an audit of blood glucose levels (BGLs) measured as part of routine patient care (Accu check Performa) in six acute (non critical) care wards (Surgical: Cardiothoracic , Vascular, General / Gastro; Medical: Complex care, Neurology, Cardiology) . Each month, a week of BGLs were downloaded , transcribed and analysed by descriptive techniques for mean ± SD and frequency of hypoglycaemia (<4 mmol/L) and hyperglycaemia (>14 mmol/L). Comparative analyses will be presented during the meeting.


The rates of hyperglycaemia are high (>10%) through out medical and surgical wards, highlighting the opportunity for stricter management of in-patient hyperglycaemia. Reassuringly, the frequency of hypoglycaemia was uncommon.