Sahar Keshvari Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2014

Sahar Keshvari

I graduated from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 2009 where I gained experience working in a medical setting within a diagnostic laboratory. I moved to Australia in early 2010 and completed a Master of Molecular Microbiology at Griffith University. In 2011 I undertook Honours at the Mater Medical Research Institute in the Metabolic Medicine Team headed by A/Prof Whitehead. I was awarded 1st class Honours for my project titled "Characterisation of the Adiponectin Receptors". Studies performed during my Honours were pivotal in defining that the two receptors for adiponectin, an anti-diabetic hormone, exhibit different subcellular localisation and provided the foundation for my first, first author publication, published in BBRC early 2013. My academic achievements have been recognised with several awards including an Academic Excellence Award from Griffith University and an Honours Scholarship and an Academic Award from the MMRI. I started my PhD in late 2012, continuing my investigations of the adiponectin receptors at the MMRI. My research has progressed significantly and the preliminary data I have generated forms the basis of an NHMRC project grant awarded in 2013.

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